Bali seems a life time ago oh how I miss it so much but ahh that is life.

Back to being a busy bee in the kitchen, training and making sure I make some zen time soon.

Note to self 2019 make sure you take time out to look after myself. You should do the same.

Take time for a bath, sauna, yoga, run, walk or make something really yummy for yourself.

Over Christmas time me and my lover Jake went to Bali.

I have wanted to visit this holy country for a long time. It’s is beautiful, spiritual being Hindu, the health food scene is trendy and there is yoga everywhere and amazing.

So I was in heaven.

Every day we made the effort to eat at one of the many healthy raw food cafes in Ubud. I have so many ideas of recipes since coming home.

Some of my foodie highlights were gluten free waffle cone and ice cream, waffles at 10pm at night was another, breakfast at the yoga barn, trying Jamu (turmeric, coconut water, honey belly tonic) and lunch with my best friend (Kaia) was another.  

I will go through all the amazing food for you to get inspired to and if you ever go to Bali you must go to all these hot spots.

The Yoga Barn – Ubud:

Brilliant yoga classes in luxury yoga halls looking out on green trees and statues of Ganesh.

Welcomes all abilities.

There is a class for everyone, yin yoga, restorative, vinyasa, kundalini, chanting, dancing, mediation.

There are cleanses you can do, juicing, colonics and massages.

The café has a great menu catering for vegans, raw vegans, people who follow a macro diet and vegetarians.

Moksa – Ubud:

This was the best place I ate at.

Based a little way out of the centre of Ubud in a quiet location, surrounded by a permaculture garden.

They only use locally sourced organic produce. Hmmm sounds familiar don’t you think?

It felt sort of like feed the soul. This is a totally plant based restaurant.

The drinks were all so fresh I would recommend the citrus mock a Rita. Freshly squeezed lime and orange juice, raw honey and sparking water.

And their green tea is on-point.

We ordered the tempeh ribs, spiced burger, cheese board.

The setting we beautiful, the ceramic plates were stunning it is just a win win place.

You can’t beat sitting in the sun looking out onto a beautiful garden.

Alchemy – Ubud

I was a little disappointed with this café. It is all what I call a classic raw food, nachos, raw pizza, raw quiche place.

But it was all a little lacking in flavour, and style.

The drinks, however, are lovely and the atmosphere is very relaxing, with yoga music playing softly in the background.

The little shop sold yummy kombucha, jamu, raw chocolates and bamboo cutlery.

Samurai Healing foods – Ubud

This was our go-to café.

It’s a raw vegan, gluten free café which also held a raw food and raw chocolate course! And if you’re lucky you can join in with a cacao ceremony.

The food was great, wholesome and very clean.

The owner is Japanese which is obvious as the green tea list was epic and tasted fantastic.

I would recommend coming here for a chill out from the sun and busy ubud. It’s super chilled with beautiful yoga music playing and comfy beanbags to bliss out on.

I would come here every day for a crisp clean green tea and again at 9pm for a slice of cake.

Theses cakes are amazing, super creamy and indulgent.

The shop is very dangerous! Raw chocolates, kombucha, glass straws, nut milk bags, teas and snacks galore.

Five elements- outside Ubud:

This is a very romantic place to go for dinner with someone special.

The bamboo structure is very impressive, with a fish pound inside the restaurant.

It’s a very spiritual place where many yoga practice and rituals take place with the guests who stay.

The accommodation is magical but on the pricy side.

Guests are given their own bamboo house and outdoor bath to enjoy whilst they stay. We did not stay but really enjoyed a meal there.

Starting with a beautiful crisp kombucha, we ordered nori rolls for our starter

For main we had raw pizza which was brilliant.

The tomato sauce was super tasty and we had a burger which was served in a rice flour bun which tasted just like a sweet bun you would have with a classic burger!

How did they do it?

The pudding was the best, cacao pudding which was semi frozen with layers of cookie dough and cacao mousse.

It was delightful.

Kokolato – ubud

This is a sweet little pop up vegan and gluten free gelato shop, just in the middle of busy Ubud.

I can not tell you how delighted I was to find a dairy free and gluten free waffle cone gelato. I was buzzing!

I loved the rich cacao flavour, and of course I paid more to have it sprinkled with Bee Pollen.

I also had the moranga mint with cacao chips in it.

They do put some specials on daily- ginger cardamom was one.

I really love the energy of this place and love the ingredients they use.

This is a must must must go!

So here are a few places for you to enjoy.

I would really recommend a trip to Bali if you love yoga and food.

It’s wonderful and magical.


Feed The Soul



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