Glowing skin, strong body – Adaptogens in our food

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Adaptogen herbs are considered to be the most potent and powerful herbs on our planet. Adaptogens help the body harmonise with its environment by adapting to stress and change. Mineral dense adaptogens allow our body to absorb nutrients, maintaining the body’s optimum energy metabolism, increasing immunity, easing inflammation and reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and mental agitation.

I take them everyday, they give me a great pick-me-up. My favourites are Ashwagandha, pine pollen and Ho Fhou Wu. Since adding the, what I call the A-class super herbs, I have noticed how my skin is glowing more, my body feels strong and I feel totally rejuvenated.

I usually take these Adaptogens in the morning blended into a smoothie or in a nighttime tonic. If I make something super-duper for me and my family I will always combine them in something moorish and chocolaty.

After completing a 3-day juice cleanse I had to just treat myself to a lot of cacao, I could not help myself. So I made a super superfood rocky road!! In this beauty was Reishi, pine pollen, Ho Shou Wu, mulberries, banana, activated walnuts, cacao, durian, maca, rose petals and calendula flowers oh and a little pinch of salt!

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