Feed the Soul - Cacao Almond Butter

Cacao and Almond Butter


Activated stone-ground Cacao and Almond Butter by Feed the Soul

We little fairies are always very alive on a full moon. It makes us feel magical, energised and connected to the universe. A full moon is the best time to make the most secrete butter of all, cacao almond butter. We firstly give blessings, to the almonds then energise them with pure water and crystals, dry them in the moonlight. All the fairies all over the land gather together and in harmony stir up a big, big pot of almonds until it’s velvet smooth like butter, hmmmm, One fairy will then pull out the most powerful superfood out of his magic poach, CACAO!! We pour in the rich goodness into the butter. After an hour of much more stirring the fairies, sit gazing at the moon with a spoon in one hand and a full jar of chocolate almond butter in the other. This is what we all call a magic fairy moment.


Activated almonds, cacao powder, coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, Himalayan pink salt. em>All ingredients are organic.


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Weight 170 grams g