Feed the Soul - Aphrodite Granola

Aphrodite Granola


Aphrodite Granola by Feed the Soul

It was a fresh morning on the shores of Cyprus where our story starts. The sun glowing golden, the waves softly crashing upon the shores but one wave burst open to relieve the most beautiful woman to have ever walked upon this earth.

Aphrodite. The goddess of love, desire and everlasting beauty. She danced her way up the golden beach and then perch herself on a rock. Her stomach rumbled of morning hunger. She pulled out a small dusty pink pouch with the most perfect breakfast granola inside, it was her special concoction of wild organic oats to keep her body energised, roses to feed her beauty, chia seeds to keep her dewy complexion and cardamom. One of the most romantic spice to make every human being fall madly in love with her. “Yum” she said to herself “this is pure love”.


Jumbo oats, desiccated coconut, rose petals, lemon juice, lemon zest, chia seeds, cardamom, apple, Himalayan pink salt.


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Weight 200 grams g