Feed The Soul is a place of sharing and learning. We offer workshops to share with you skills and recipes that you can take home with you and try out for yourself.

So far we have had a savoury dishes workshop, including how to make fresh, exciting salads, a fermentation workshop including how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, nut yoghurts and cheeses, and a raw cake workshop, including making your own raw chocolate and indulgent festive raw cakes!

All of the recipes include ingredients that are free of dairy, gluten, meat, eggs and refined sugars and is all organic, so it makes for an exciting space of learning and discovery of how great flavours come together to make great food. 

We love to make the workshops interactive by allowing you to read the recipes, ask questions, and of course taste the foods as they are being made!

If you have any questions or suggestions about upcoming workshops, or would like to book yourself in to one, please do contact us.

Feed The Soul


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